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Therapy, on-line, is possible.

Alternative Therapy Amsterdam – helping people to lead physically and mentally healthy lives and to feel more in balance.

Starts your self-healing process!

The Alternative Therapy Amsterdam treatments are reimbursed by Dutch health insurers.

Together we look for the emotional and mental roots of your complaint. Through experiences during pregnancy, birth and first the early years of life can cause unwanted undesirable behaviours can arise in adults.

By conducting an intake interview, I can help you to discover insights gain insight into the cause of your behaviour and/or emotions that cause complaints illness, stress or other problems.

The complaints are viewed. We take an holistic view of health: mentally, energetically, emotionally and physically. Through awareness and the treatments, a self-healing process will begin.

The Treatments also include: energetic treatments, chakra and aura healing, haraline healing, magnetizing, coaching and meditations.

Eventually in time, we create new and healthier behaviours is created. I help children and adults with:

– Physical complaints
– Psychological complaints
– Energetic complaints

Magnetizing can be used for many complaints useful in many different cases. In addition to a basic treatment, complaints can be treated specially. Also, magnetizing can help to shorten injuries, broken limbs and pain relief. Stress can be removed by the magnetizing and gives a very relaxed feeling.

Energetic treatment Amsterdam

An energetic treatment consists of a chakra and aura healing.

Chakras are bio-psychic energy organs in the body that affect bodily organs and the functioning of the body.

An energetic treatment strives to have chakras function optimally, so that you are better in your body.

There are seven chakras in the body, each with its own place, basic rights, colour, demons, identity, orientation, development tasks. The chakras can become distorted by traumas, forms of all kinds of abuse, or inherited items, so they do not function properly. Because chakras do not function properly, they influence the physical organs, which can be a cause of sickness or unwanted behaviours. So people can get sick or get behaviour that is not perceived as pleasant.

The seven main chakras, located at the front and back of the body, are:

1st chakra – coccyx, colour red
2nd chakra- at lower abdomen, colour orange
3rd chakra- on plexus solaris, colour yellow
4th chakra- at heart, colour green
5th chakra at throat, colour blue
6th chakra- forehead, colour indigo
7th chakra- crown, colour gold

The chakras are connected to the aura. Aura layers, the human energy field, are a specific display of the universal energy. The universal energy surrounds and permeates the human body. You can take a picture of the aura days with a special camera, on which the energy can be seen in many colours. The aura is the medium between the universal higher reality and the body. There are seven aura layers and each aura layer is connected to a chakra.

The seven aura days are:

  1. Ethereal body
  2. Emotional body
  3. Mental body
  4. Astral body
  5. Ethereal-causal body
  6. Universal-love body
  7. Ketheric-causal body

Energy blockages and other defence mechanisms can occur in the aura layers. Complaints can arise due to the blockages and defence mechanism. We can develop defence mechanisms in our youth, because we are unknowingly damaged.

By doing an energetic healing we clean the first four aura layers.

For an energetic healing, at least three to four visits are needed to help you effectively properly. The treatments last an average of 1 hour with the exception of the first treatment, which lasts 1.5 hours. An intake interview will take place during the first visit. After the intake interview and three treatments, I evaluate the progress of your complaints to discuss how we proceed with you.

Please contact me if you have questions or when you like to make an appointment.


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